Thursday, October 5, 2017

OCT 7 & 8 Indoor Marietta Range: UPDATE Program changes, Range closes Oct 15th

We hope you will come out and shoot with us!
Please note:
As these are our last two weekends for classes at this range we will open both Saturdays and Sundays Oct 7 & 8, and Oct 14 & 15 for regular classes. Many people have questions regarding equipment purchase, and our last day for taking orders for new equipment will be this weekend, although Coach Rip has a studio in this building so we will be available through the end of the month. We are also in the process of selling gear from the program- training bows, tabs, stands, arrows , sights, some new inventory, etc and are compiling a list of the items available.

The Marietta  Indoor range last shooting day is on Sunday October 15
Please see previous e mail sent to USA Archery Learn Archery Club membership concerning this transition  HERE.

(You are welcome to continue attending outdoor sessions at KAC as well - no registration required here, or ,contacting Ten Ring Archery Club for the process of attending sessions).

Saturday: Indoor Marietta  Range 10:30 class
Sunday: Indoor Marietta Range 3:30 class

Gear selection, indoors and outdoors.What is "Brace Height?"

SATURDAY, Indoor range, Marietta:
Saturday Session  10:30 a.m. -11:30 am; Limit 16
Arrive early  to gear up and check in. Class STARTS at 10:30
( Advanced/Intermediate Archers stay for 18M Distance after class)

SUNDAY, Indoor range, Marietta:
Sunday Session  : 3:30-4:30 pm
Limit 16 ; For all levels; Arrive early- Session STARTS at 3:30
( Advanced/Intermediate Archers stay for 18M Distance after class.)

-Class fee for open sessions as posted is $15.00 cash. Credit Debit: $15.50
-Put your sight on the bow to learn where it is set based on the distance you shoot, and check the left/ right position of the aperture.
-Wear snug fitting, layered clothing,  closed toe shoes ,tie loose hair back, and remove jewelry that may interfere with string release (usually bracelets, necklaces).

Any student participating in class needs minimum USA Archery “RECREATIONAL” membership ($15). See below.
.Join online for USA Archery membership. USA Archery JOAD(youth)/AAP(adult) Membership Application (You can upgrade your EXISTING USA recreational  membership during the year if desired.)
To participate in weekend sessions , Please register AS NOTED above with the date/time selected, for equipment and staff considerations. Please arrive  early to gear up, and sign in. This one hour class allows students to gear up & continue with training basics in safety and form .Coach supervised training includes recurve bow and all safety equipment. Continuing, ongoing instruction , accommodating various skill levels, covering: refining form, understanding equipment needs, equipment purchasing options, tournament rules, timing, string alignment, concentration, back tension.

See you on the range!
Coach Jefflyne Potter
US Archery Level 3 N.T.S.Coach

Coach Shantelle Mitchell
USA Archery Level 3 N.T.S. Coach

Coach Rip Potter
USA Archery Level 2 N.T.S. Instructor

Learn Archery;Atlanta Archery

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