Thursday, September 14, 2017

See Patterns: Outdoors Sept 16th; Indoors Sunday Sept 17

We hope you will come out and shoot with us this weekend!
New Schedule has started
The Saturday classes are at the KAC range in Acworth again for archers that have been shooting with us regularly. No class held at Marietta Range this Saturday.

Sunday Classes continue at the Marietta Indoor Range.

If you are not a USA Archery member or have not earned rank and not shot with us in a long time, you will need to take the KAC orientation, or attend a few Sunday classes at the Marietta range before attending the Acworth Outdoor Range.

Outdoor Range Requirements:
-FIRST VISIT: MUST Bring the KAC waivers required and found Here & Bring a copy of your USA Archery membership card printed and attached to the 2page waivers.
Arrive early to check in at the Pavilion.
CLASSES START at 10 AM at the outdoor range.
-Bring your own gear OR
-Equipment IS available at the KAC range.Wear appropriate clothing; Close toe shoes
-Fee at KAC: CASH or check ONLY:  no charges; $5 range fee, $5 gear fee at check in

-The upper short distance range starts at 10 meters and staggers to 20 or 30 meters; get acclimated and move up. Most of our group shot the 15 to 20 meter mark last week..(FYI we typically practice indoors at 9 meters and 18 meters)

Outdoor range DIRECTIONS:
Email with any questions
Training:  Refine Elements : Look for Patterns

SATURDAY: Sept 16, Outdoors, KAC Acworth range
Saturday Session 10 am
Arrive early at the Acworth location  to gear up and check in. Session STARTS at 10:00 am
If first time---MUST Bring wavier and USA Archery card as noted in sign up.

SUNDAY, Sept 17: Marietta Range, indoors
Sunday Session  : 3:30-4:30 pm
Limit 16 ; For all levels; Arrive early- Session STARTS at 3:30
(No 18M Distance after class this Sunday.)

Refine Elements : Look for Patterns

As we work on specific elements of the sequence in form, we begin to create patterns in timing, and routines. The result of the consistency (or inconsistency)  also shows up on the target face as "patterns".
Outdoors we will look at the patterns on the target faces, and indoors we will provide "quadrant training sheets"  which allow students to see very clearly the patterns of the arrows on the targets by tracking them on these sheets. This helps coaches offer guidance to help you center your arrows.

 Any student participating in class needs minimum USA Archery “RECREATIONAL” membership ($15). . Join  at:

To participate in weekend sessions , Please register on the  link provided above at the date/time selected for equipment and staff considerations. Please arrive  early to gear up, and sign in. This one hour class allows students to gear up & continue with training basics in safety and form .Coach supervised training includes recurve bow and all safety equipment. Continuing, ongoing instruction , accommodating various skill levels, covering: refining form, understanding equipment needs, equipment purchasing options, tournament rules, timing, string alignment, concentration, back tension.

-Class fee for open sessions:
KAC: $5 range fee, $5.00 Equipment fee CASH ONLY
Marietta Indoor Range: $15.00, cash;$15.50  if charge or debit

-Wear snug fitting, layered clothing,  closed toe shoes ,tie loose hair back, and remove jewelry that may interfere with string release (usually bracelets, necklaces).

See you on the range!
Coach Jefflyne Potter
US Archery Level 3 N.T.S.Coach

Coach Shantelle Mitchell
USA Archery Level 3 N.T.S. Coach

Coach Rip Potter
USA Archery Level 2 N.T.S. Instructor

Learn Archery;Atlanta Archery

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