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Sept 23rd: Out doors; Sept 24th Marietta Range-Score Sunday only

New Schedule has started
Saturday: Outdoors at KAC in Acworth
Sunday: Indoor Marietta Range

Saturday KAC classes: Start: 10 AM
Form element review. Sessions at the KAC range in Acworth again for archers that have been shooting with us regularly and present USA Archery membership cards & KAC
waivers. at sign in.
No class held at Marietta Range this Saturday.

Outdoor Range Requirements:
-FIRST VISIT: MUST Bring the KAC waivers required and found Here & Bring a copy of your USA Archery membership card printed and attached to the 2page waivers.
Arrive early to check in at the Pavilion.
CLASSES START at 10 AM at the outdoor range.
-Bring your own gear OR
-Equipment IS available at the KAC range.Wear appropriate clothing; Close toe shoes
-Fee at KAC: CASH or check ONLY:  no charges; $5 range fee, $5 gear fee at check in

-The upper short distance range starts at 10 meters and staggers to 30 meters; get acclimated and move up. (FYI we typically practice indoors at 9 meters and 18 meters)

Outdoor range DIRECTIONS:
Email with any questions

Sunday Classes: 2 sesssion times for scoring in Marietta. See links
SCORING. Classes continue at the Marietta Indoor Range. Scoring only on Sunday.(Last Saturday outdoor scoring was held at the KAC outdoor range). The next scoring for outdoors will be  the third weekend of the month at KAC October 21st, 10 AM
  SATURDAY: Sept 23, Outdoors, KAC Acworth range: 10 am
Arrive early at the Acworth location  to gear up and check in.
Session STARTS at 10:00 am
If first time---MUST Bring wavier and USA Archery card as noted in sign up.

SUNDAY, Sept 24: Marietta Range, indoor; 2 Sessions (may combine to only a  3:30 session if not enough participants for 9 meter Session "A")
Arrive early.

Session A Sunday, 9 meters: 2:00-ARRIVE BY 1:30
Must arrive by 1:30  This session is for those that have never scored before, or youth that need the 9 meter distance for rank.
"9 meter only"  Limit 16

Session B: 18 meters, 3:30
Arrive by 3:00. Advanced/intermediate, rank earning, or experienced adult only session time,
Limit 12 participants
Start: 3:30 "18 meter only" session time. 

 SCORING Available Sunday Sept 24 Only:2 slot times
Although it is a "scoring" weekend, we are happy for you to join us to simply shoot! You may want to work on a particular "form" element" that we have been training.

For the new archers, if you'd like to join us- choose the closer distance 9 meter mark.( We may blend the sessions to one time slot if not enough participation in any session and will notify those that sign up. Check your emails!! Or texts!!)
Please Note: Deadlines for registration are in place so we have time to notify registrants of any changes of schedule should we need to blend a class due to low registration. Register only if you are sure you can attend!
Sunday Sept 24  SCORE!
Earn Rank if JOAD or SOAD
(see notes below as to which session you may participate in.

MUST Arrive early for time to gear up and have a practice round.
"9 meters" session with 60 cm face: available for youth, JOAD, OR for adults not ready for the 18 meter distance (requiring the 40 cm face), This is the distance for all new students to learn how to score.
"18 meters" available only for intermediate or advanced JOAD, OR adult archers, needing the 18 meter distance for rank. Both 40 CM and 60 CM faces are offered.

Each month, on the third weekend we score.
You MUST register to attend the classes at the session slot for the distance you will shoot, for staff, equipment and space considerations.
Arrive early to prepare score card, gear up, and have a sight-in practice round.
Those shooting at 18 meters slots must be 30 minutes early, or EARLIER if you use club gear as gear is only accessible between rounds

*Additional Class time slots added for Scoring weekend!
Parents, please share the class plan info with your students!!

First scoring arrow begins at time slot of session. Arrive early  to have practice/sight-in shots.
  • In order to complete the 30 arrows for indoors, students must be geared up and on the line at start of class, with scorecard filled out and ready to go.
  • Those with their own arrows may shoot 6 arrows each end which will allow completion of scorecard if "on time" start.
  • Earning pins? must be both a USA Archery Youth, Adult or Family member & Learn Archery JOAD or AAP member- print USA Archery membership card
  • Those seasoned JOAD AAP members using program arrows may need to start with three arrows, unless class numbers permit 6 arrows each end. ( student may not finish in time allotted if using only 3 arrows).
Any student participating in ANY class needs minimum USA Archery “RECREATIONAL” membership ($15). See USA Archery for details.
ARCHERY Camp offered by KISIK LEE- National Head Coach of  U.S.Olympic Archery Program
Information Flyer
       Saturday Sept 23: 9-5 PM   
        Sunday Sept 24: 9-5 PM; 
Registration Fee: $500 for two days; contact 619-709-1004 or

To participate in weekend sessions , Please register AS NOTED above with the date/time selected, for equipment and staff considerations. Please arrive  early to gear up, and sign in. This one hour class allows students to gear up & continue with training basics in safety and form .Coach supervised training includes recurve bow and all safety equipment. Continuing, ongoing instruction , accommodating various skill levels, covering: refining form, understanding equipment needs, equipment purchasing options, tournament rules, timing, string alignment, concentration, back tension.

-Class fee for open sessions as posted is $15.00, check or cash.
-Put your sight on the bow to learn where it is set based on the distance you shoot, and check the left/ right position of the aperture.
-Wear snug fitting, layered clothing,  closed toe shoes ,tie loose hair back, and remove jewelry that may interfere with string release (usually bracelets, necklaces).

See you on the range!
Coach Jefflyne Potter
US Archery Level 3 N.T.S.Coach

Coach Shantelle Mitchell
USA Archery Level 3 N.T.S. Coach

Coach Rip Potter
USA Archery Level 2 N.T.S. Instructor

Learn Archery;Atlanta Archery

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